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lyrics "Sonic Youth - Dirty Boots"

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Artist express:Sonic Youth
Release year:2009

[Verse 1]
Here we go to another candle I know
All the girls, they're playing on a jelly roll
Time to take a ride, time to take it in a midnight eye
And if you wanna go, get on below

[Chorus 1]
Pinking out the day
Dreaming out the crazy way
Finger on the love
It's all above

[Verse 2]
Everywhere it's six-sex-six by luck
A satellite wish will make it just enough
You'll be making out with a witch in a coffee truck

Time to rock the road
And tell the story of the jelly rolling
Dirty boots are on
Hi di ho

[Chorus 2]
Pinking out the black
Dreaming in a crack
Satan got her tongue
Now it's undone

[Vocal Outro]
I got some dirty boots
Yeah, dirty boots
I got some dirty boots, baby
Dirty boots

[Instrumental Outro]
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