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lyrics "Sonic Youth - 100%"

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Artist express:Sonic Youth
Release year:1992

I can never forget you the way you rock the girls
They rule the world and love you, a blast in the underworld
I stick a knife in my head thinking 'bout your eyes
But now that you been shot dead, I got a new surprise
But I've been waitin' for you just to say, the Zoftig chick is mine
But all I know is you got no money, but that's got nothing to do with a good time
But can you forgive the boy who shot you in the head
Or should you get a gun and go and get revenge
A 100% of my love up to you true star
It's hard to believe you took off, I always thought you'd go far
I've been around the world a million times and all you men are slime
A gun to my head, goodbye, I am dead
Wastewood rockers, it's time for crime, hey
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