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lyrics "Son By Four - Purest Of Pain"

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Artist express:Son By Four
Release year:2000

Im sorry I didnt mean to call
but I couldnt fight it
I guess I was weak and couldnt even hide it
and so I surrender just to hear your voice
I know how many times I said Im gonna to live with out you
and maybe someone else is standing there beside you
but theres something baby that you need to know
that deep inside me I feel like Im dying
I have to see you its all that Im asking.
Vida, give me back my fantasies
the courage that I need to live
the air that I breathe
carino mio, my world becomes so empty
my days are so cold and lonely
and each night I taste
the purest of pain.
I wish I could tell you Im feeling better every day
that it didnt hurt me when you walked away
but to tell you the truth I cant find my way
and deep inside me I feel like Im dying
I have to see you its all that Im asking.
Vida, give me back...
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