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lyrics "Social Distortion -- "Gimme the Sweet and Lowdown""

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Artist express:Social Distortion
Release year:2011

It was a moonlight mishap
You lost your party hat
Seems your lifestyle ain’t so worthwhile after all
A heavy-hearted taxi ride
Then a walk on the wild side
Did your guardian angel let you down?
Gonna lay low and play it straight
It’s time to rejuvenate
Gonna kick start your heart until you come around

I can tell you now; you’ve really gotten the blues
I can tell you now; that I’ve walked in your shoes
Gimme the sweet and lowdown

You better get outta the way
It’s history made the hard way
From a hero to a zero once again
Ain’t no time for vanity
Or this insanity
You’re maladjusted and now you’re busted once again

I can tell you now; it comes as no surprise
I can tell you now; by that look in your eyes
Gimme the sweet and lowdown

You’re looking kinda punch drunk
Cuz that’s the way you strut your stuff
With a swing and a swagger down the road you go
You shoulda made a better choice
And listened to your inner voice
You gotta get right or get left, don’t ya know

I can tell you now; it’s the peak of bad news
I can tell you now; that I’ve walked in your shoes
Gimme the sweet and lowdown
The sweet and lowdown
Gimme the sweet - the sweet and lowdown
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