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lyrics "Smile - BeatKing , Fat Pimp "

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Artist express:BeatKing
Album:Club God 3
Release year:2013

Let me see that pussy
(Smile, smile, smile for me baby)

Take it off trick bend over let me see it
Im Club God and a trick I couldnt be it
I cant pay for no pussy I just want it I dont need it
Get the bread, get the head, than your number I delete it
Its BeatKing Im in the Benz
Getting head on 610
From a bitch and that bitch friends
In the backseat straight tweeting about it
I got paper they know it
I got Imma throw it
I only fuck with pole killers
Pussy poppin gorillas
Money on her mind but she want more scrilla
She dont shit from no nigga
She say BeatKing the rap nigga and the trap nigga all the same
Both yall niggas annoying cause yall phones ring all day
But I know that pussy mine
Throw that ass back and rewind
Tattoos on her ass she fine
She got me stalking on Vine
If eatin pussy was a crime, then I be free
Throw that ass back for Club God and Fat P-I-M-P

Take it off trick bend over let me see it
Im Fat fucking Pimp and a trick I couldnt be it
Got a brown skin and she nineteen
Ass look fat in them Tru jeans
She dance on it and I cant lie a nigga thinkin bout wivin
And baby girl she got problems
Her momma daddy never loved her
She go to school and she strip
And I sell drugs, why dont judge
She got me fiendin like Jodeci
She go on stage Im cashin out
Her stripper name is Oooh Shit
Cause you the type of girl Drake would rap about
Got a white girl and she feelin me
Give me head, Lewinsky
Im in the bed, where the queens be
Have her ride my dick like a ten speed
She got two kids, but she the shit
Let me change your life take you o trips
The best kush, margherita sips
? black cars, you can keep the tips
On Instagram she twerkin
No lie, lil mama, Im lurkin
And when you gave me that pussy
I left my shit in on purpose
She on stage throwing rack out
Got them booty shorts with her back out
We can get it poppin right here in the penthouse
Imma beat it up til I make the bitch tap out
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