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lyrics "Sleepwalker - Julie Byrne"

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Artist express:Julie Byrne
Release year:2017

I lived my life alone before you
And with those that Id never succeeded to love
And I grew so accustomed to that kind of solitude
I fought you, I did not know how to give it up

Before you, had I ever known love
Or had I only known misuse of the power another had over me?
The power another had over me

I crossed the country and I carried no key
Couldnt I look up at the stars from anywhere?
And sometimes I did, I felt ancient
But still I sought peace and it never came to me

They often spoke as though I had been set free
But I traveled only in service of my dreams
I stood before them all, I was a sleepwalker

Couldnt hold my misery down
Not even for you
It bore me on all the places Ive ever gone
And I grew so accustomed to that kind of solitude
But I long for you now
Even when you just leave the room

And of all the roads and the cities that I passed through
And of all the eyes I have searched inside
The one sense of permanence that I came to feel was mine
Only beneath your gaze
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