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lyrics "Slayer - War Ensemble "

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Artist express:Slayer
Release year:1990

Propaganda death ensemble
Burial to be
Corpses rotting through the night
In blood laced misery
Scorched earth the policy
The reason for the singe
The pendulum it shaves the blade
The strafing air blood raid
infiltration push reserves
Encircle the front lines
Supreme art of strategy
Playing on the minds
Bombard till submission
Take all to their graves
Indication of triumph
The number that are dead
Sport the war, war support
The sport is war, total war
When victorys a massacre
The final swing is not a drill
Its how many people I can kill
Be dead friend from above
When darkness falls
Descend into my sights
Your fallen walls
Spearhead break through the lines
Flanked all around
Soldiers of attrition
Forward their ground
Regime prophetic age
Old in its time
Flowing veins run on through
Deep in the Rhine
Center of the web
All battles scored
What is our war crimes
(Era forever more...war)
Propaganda war ensemble
Burial to be
Bones shining in the night
In blood laced misery
Campaign of elimination
Twisted psychology
When victory is to survive
And death is defeat
Sport the war, war support
The sport is total war
When victorys a massacre
When victory is survival
When this end is a slaughter
The final swing is not a drill
Its how many people I can kill
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