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lyrics "Slayer - Kill Again "

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Artist express:Slayer
Release year:1985

Lurking in the dismal fog
Hungry for your blood
Seeking harmless victims
Satisfy my needs
Schizophrenic lunatic
Uncontrolled desire
Rape and ravage lady fair
Pledged to die
No apparent motive
Just kill and kill again
Survive my brutal thrashing
Ill hunt you till the end
My lifes a constant battle
The rage of many men
Homicidal maniac
Trapped in mortal solitude
Lift the gleaming blade
Slice her flesh to shreds
Watch the blood flow free
Hatred growing stronger
None survive my wrath
Suffer from the throbbing pain
Yield your life to me
Kill the preachers only son
Watch the infant die
Bodily dismemberment
Drink the purest blood
Unrelenting need to kill
Death upon you now
Anxiously awaiting
Next in line.
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