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lyrics "Ski Mask the Slump God - Foot Fungus"

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Artist express:Ski Mask the Slump God
Release year:2018

kay, okay, alright, huh
Oh, mmm, okay, haha
Nigga drop this one
Woah, Kenny
Uh, okay, baby be calling me Hercules
'Cause the H on my waist, but this bitch here stand for Hermes
O-o-okay, I done popped me a perky
'Cause I heard it help with the pain, but just help my backaches
Okay, uh, baby don't hurt me
Let's begin after three 'cause a nigga like foreplay
Uh, uh, uh, uh, okay
Dripping like I just took a shit and clogged toilet
Captain Long John Silver, I'm gonna reel 'em in
Got on goat fur cream color coat from Burberry's Den
I'm a monster with a nice watch on, name not Ben 10
I'ma go get everything Mother Earth transcends
Skrrrt, uh, uh, drop it on my cock
Skrrrt, I'ma h-hot nigga, no pot
Skrrrt, niggas still gettin' buns, hot dogs
Skrrrt, niggas not fuckin' with ya, coleslaw
Please take shelter, spit it like a pronounced letter
Beat too hard, sir
Spooning your bitch like I just pulled out a yogurt
Three bitches, three different colors, Powerpuff girls, sir
What's the word? (Yurr)
She gotta go through, him just to get to me, yes I'm the middleman
Pokin' a bitch, she chokin' a bitch, she blowing like a ceiling fan
Mustard color on that bitch, remind me of jacket on the Killa Cam'
Ma'am I'm makin' green eggs and ham, bitch you know I am
Skrrrt, uh, uh, drop it on my cock
Skrrrt, I'ma h-hot nigga, no pot
Skrrrt, niggas still gettin' buns, hot dogs
Skrrrt, niggas not fuckin' with ya, coleslaw
Woke up to a good life, baby
Getting chicken bitch, you know I'm gravy
Watching me, what you see? Diamonds HD
Shining brighter than the smile on my auntie
Hawaiian punch a nigga that be tryna play me
Hol' up, I just pull up in a new Mercedes
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