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lyrics "Sixteen - Thomas Rhett"

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Artist express:Thomas Rhett
Release year:2017

Verse 1
Take a left here boy, take it slow
Dont get distracted by that radio
I just rolled my eyes and I said, "Daddy, I know"
Im fifteen, I aint green like some ol ten year old

What I wouldnt give to be sixteen, wild and free
Cruisin up and down main in my F-150
Roll the windows down, bass too loud From this burnt CD
Ill be right where I wanna be when Im sixteen
Sixteen, yeah

Verse 2
Now that I can drive, finally feel alive, but I got this curfew
Sneakin in late, smelling like my girlfriends perfume
People talk about college and knowledge and thats alright
But all Im thinkin bout is an unsupervised Saturday night

Chorus 2
What I wouldnt give to be eighteen, wild and free
Buzzin off a can of the grizzly wintergreen
Lookin old enough to pull off this fake ID
Ill be right where I wanna be
When Im eighteen
Eighteen, yeah

Im old enough to smoke
Im old enough to vote
But they turn me away when I go to the Cotton Eyed Joe
They say the grass is always greener
And I believe thats right
But my friends are off to Vegas, theyre leavin me behind

Chorus 3
What I wouldnt give to be twenty one, wild and free
Open up a cold one and drink it legally
Chase a bunch of girls, go see the world
Let my wild streak run
Ill be right where I wanna be
When Im twenty one, twenty one
(woah, when Im twenty one)
(yeah, when Im twenty one, itll be alright
(yeah, itll be alright, when Im twenty one)

Now Im twenty five and Im drinkin wine with my wife at home
Got a couple of dogs and a couple songs on the radio
And we sit around and we laugh about how we used to be
When all we cared about was turning sixteen
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