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lyrics "Simon Curtis - Joystick"

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Artist express:Simon Curtis
Album:8Bit Heart
Release year:2010

I cant count all the times that I
I had to say Im sorry
For wanting something with a few more bits
Than my Atari
Dont play a game, boy
They said it would get old
But sometimes boys like me are curious
And cant be told no
You came along and had me saying
"What is this?"
Your sexiness had got me ready
For the Genesis

Baby, grab a hold of the joystick
Take control of the motion
I can feel it when you __ __
Baby, you make all of the choices
Other players can join us
If youre feeling like you wanna
Play games

Then I upgraded to Nintendo 64
And your first time with a joystick
Left you feeling like a
Hyper gamer, nothing greater
We can play all night
Youd better be some competition
cause I want a fight

I dont want you thinking that Im trying to apply pressure
But the pressure makes it better
Pushing harder makes it wetter
If you wanna skip a level
Then well go to level two
Just beat my boss
And get me off
And then Ill play with you
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