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lyrics "Shiki - I'm Back"

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Artist express:Shiki
Album:I'm Back
Release year:2019

Verse 1: Shiki
Spending five nights at shikis
Yeah just me and your imouto
If that nigga Freddy jump out imma put him in a choke hold
The only jump scares she gon get is if she rides me like a pogo
Keep them lights off
Dont check the cameras and never leave the door closed
Im chilling and she wants my box
Dont mind if the animatronics watch
No fan-fic shit, but I might go grip your oppai while the litte boy films it
Got a problem with that
Well thats too bad
If you try to run you wont get away cause a nigga foxy fast
Now she getting all nervous on some batteries
Only 3 am are you kidding me
We got a long night ahead of getting head
Said you better sit close if you wanna leave
Well really thats lie, like Bonnie fucking Chika on the left side
Getting dome in pirates cove a nigga dont hide
Day three and I love it, dont even wanna go outside
Like god damn where the fuck I been
Anywhere but here man
Lolicon parodies for imoutos who wanna go give me a show of hands
Like clap, clap
See her pantsu when she throw it back
Up all night with her, insomniac
As her where she been, she say at

Hook (x2)
Five nights at shikis
Yeah just me and your imouto
Stabbing the intruder
Then she goes and makes me bento
Always keep a yandere loli
My homies say Im mental
I just love moe imoutos
Even if theyre soaked in blood yo

Verse 2: Shiki
Soaked in blood form head to toe thats good shit
She gets every thing messed up except her stocking
Stay wearing knee highs
She know I like that shit
Just got done with night five
Beat the game then went right back in
No doubt Im addcited nigga
Look at the cameras all she is lil sister
In the backstage, west hall, east hall
Swear these imoutos will be my downfall
Back to the wall, lolis got me unstable
Now a nigga hanging from the ceiling like Mangle
Started to doubt I could get out alive
So I become the only onii-chan to survive
Now this looking like Bioshock
You know the end where they all ?
Put on my Freddy mask sit back watch as they go to town on me like a ?
Fucking me non-stop like Akihabara
Run this shit like Im the fucking yakuza
I cant quit, this right here is my life
Your imouto never outside my sight

Hook (x2)
Five nights at shikis
Yeah just me and your imouto
Stabbing the intruder
Then she goes and makes me bento
Always keep a yandere loli
My homies say Im mental
I just love moe imoutos
Even if theyre soaked in blood yo

Even if they soaked in blood yo
Hell yeah, even if they soaked in blood yo
Well I dont give a fuck though
Man, eh, Shiro talk to em

Verse 3: Raspdere
Im here chilling with my onii
Fuck phony senpais that be acting like they know me
Got them socks up to my thighs
Im the moe queen for real
Nii-chan never brings a kouhai home
He knows I would kill
Gives me pats, I aint even gunna ask for that
Reading doujinshis by the stack
Always keep it vanilla, Im a kawaii killer
Me and onii in this bitch show me his real love
Nobody, thats why team imouto taking over
Number one ?
Yeah Im the ?
? my imoutos so they aint shit
Five nights at shikis
Things getting ecchi but onii-chan can touch me
Imoutos over everything
Put nothing above me or Ill turn yandere
Things get bloody
Like Higurashi
But you dont have to worry onii
Just keep me happy
Things will be fine
Friends as where Ive been I say every time

Hook (x2)
Five nights at shikis
Yeah, just me and my oni
Killing all these weeaboos
3D PD phonies
We wont even look at you unless you are a loli
If you are we might recruit you to our team imouto army
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