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lyrics "Seven Words - Weyes Blood"

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Artist express:Weyes Blood
Release year:2016

These seven words
I say to you
one by one
I love you
and you have to know
if I could change
how Im insane
if I could
learn to leave
my troubles behind
its starting to hurt
and I know youve moved on
tellin everyone
how I done you so wrong
cat scratch a beast
my words that
made you bleed
now I face tomorrow
now I face tomorrow
In time well both
be free
from this ball and chain
hangin on to things
I want you mostly
in the morning
when my soul
is weak
from dreaming
when the dust has cleared
and you forget that Im here
hangin on
Ive been hangin
who had the last word
Im tellin you first
who had the last word
Im tellin you first
these seven words
are no longer mine
who am I
but a stranger
who took you down
its starting to burn
and I wanna go home
only home Ive known
lost in the storm
it had to be
seven words to set us free
now I face tomorrow
now I face tomorrow
now I face tomorrow
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