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lyrics "Seven Nation Army - Melanie Martinez"

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Artist express:Melanie Martinez
Release year:2012

Im gonna fight em off
A seven nation army couldnt hold me back
Theyre gonna rip it off
Taking their time right behind my back
And Im talkin to myself at night
Because I cant forget
Back and forth through my mind
Behind a cigarette

And the message comin from my eyes says leave it alone...

Dont wanna hear about it
Every single ones got a story to tell
Everyone knows about it
From the Queen of England to the hounds of hell
And if I catch it comin back my way
Im gonna serve it to you
And that aint what you want to hear
But thats what Ill do

And the feeling coming from my bones says find a home...

Im going to Wichita
Far from this opera forevermore
Im gonna work the straw
Make the sweat drip out of every pore
And Im bleeding, and Im bleeding, and Im bleeding
Right before the lord
All the words are gonna bleed from me
And I will think no more

And the stains coming from my blood tells me go back home
Go back home...
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