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lyrics "Seasick Dream - Jack Johnson"

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Artist express:Jack Johnson
Release year:2015

When I woke, I was not awake
Light from the sun felt so far away
I went up, with all of my strength
Straight for the sun, from the depths I sprang
And I drank from the sea
But it opened up and swallowed me
So I sank down deep
No Im drunken like a seasick dream
In this dream, I am awake
I am awake
Well when did all of the waves
Roll right in and make me their slave
So I went so far away
I didnt look back, Ill come back someday
Mamma wept, and she weeped
She said horizon dont you take him from me
Black sails on the sea
Just carry me until I can be
Awake, in this dream, I am awake
Songwriters: Jack Hoby Johnson
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