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lyrics "Scream - Usher"

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Artist express:Usher
Release year:2012

We did it again
And this time Imma make you scream
USHER! Yeah, man...
I see you over there, so hypnotic
Thinking bout what I do to that body
I get you like ooh baby baby
Ooh baby baby, ah-ooh baby baby ooh baby baby
Got no drink in my hand
But Im wasted
Getting drunk of the thought of you naked
I get you like ooh baby baby
Ooh baby baby, ah-ooh baby baby ooh baby baby
If you wanna scream, yeah
Let me know and Ill take you there
Get you going like ah-ooh
Baby baby ooh baby baby
Ah-ooh baby baby ooh baby
If you wanna turn right
Hope youre ready to go all night
Ah-ooh baby baby ooh baby
If you wanna go!
Kill the lights, shut em off
Youre electric
Devil eyes telling me come and get it
I have you like ooh
Baby baby ooh baby baby
Ah-ooh baby baby ooh baby baby
Girl tonight youre the prey
Im the hunter
Take you here, take you there
Take you wonder
Imagine me whispering in your ear
Then I wanna, take off all your clothes and put something on ya
And I aint trying to fight it, to fight it
But youre so magnetic, magnetic
Got one life, just live it, just live it
Now relax, sing it on your back
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