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lyrics "Scorpions - The Cross (feature Billy Corgan)"

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Artist express:Scorpions
Release year:2007

Verse 1
Hey, do you remember me
I finally found the strength to face
The pain you made me feel
I always held my tongue
And all the things youve done to me
Are secrets to reveal

Ill never let you do this to someone else
No I could never live with myself

How dare you use my shame
To play your wicked games
With the mask youre wearing
And now you gotta make amends
For the demons in my head
Ill nail you to the cross
The cross Im bearing

Verse 2
You, you said youd save my soul
And sacrificed the innocence
That I will never know
Now its time that you confess
They say the devil doesnt rest
Until the truth is told



I believed in love
I believed in trust
I believed in you
You became my God
I believed in love
I believed in trust

Verse 3
I was young and so naive
You were God and I believed
You made me kneel
You made me feel
Like it was all my fault
But now I know it wasnt mine at all

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