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lyrics "Scary Scary World - By Gibson"

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Artist express:Gibson
Release year:2011

Other kitties just like me
they play outside, they run so free
regardless of the dangers in this

Carelessly they risk their lives
but I would rather stay inside
anything could happen in this

I'm sure they're having fun out in the sun
but I don't care
it's a scary scary world out there!

'Cause there's spider webs and
spooky heads and
what's inside that creepy shed!?
everything is deadly in this

Nasty flies on doggie poop
that rock looks weird
that tree just moved!
nothing ever looks right in this
And just the thought of grizzly bears
it kinda stiffens up my hair

there are plants and
trees and wasps and bees
and what the hell just walked on me
I hide behind my window in this

I never leave my home because of kitty agoraphobia
the TV shows me everything that's in this
scary world!

like Todd Mcnaab and
Iggy Pop, and
I'm so scared of Carrot Top
such a scary world
out there!

(Its a scary scary world, its a scary scary world)
Out there!
(Its a scary scary world, its a scary scary world)
Out there!
(Its a scary scary world, its a scary scary world)
Out there!
(Its a scary scary world, its a scary scary wo-orld)
I know I might seem paranoid
I'll hide under my chair
it's such a scary world out there

Such a scary scary world out there
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