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lyrics "Say You, Say Me - Lionel Richie"

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Artist express:Lionel Richie
Release year:1986

Say you, say me
Say it for always, thats the way it should be
Say you, say me
Say it together, naturally

I had a dream,
I had an awesome dream
People in the park
Playing games in the dark
And what they played
Was a masquerade
And from behind the walls of doubt
A voice was crying out


As we go down
Lifes lonesome highway
Seems the hardest thing to do
Is to find a friend or two
That helping hand
Someone who understands
That when you feel you lost your way
Youve got someone there to say,
Ill show you


So you think you know the answers, oh no
Well the whole worlds got you dancing
Thats right, Im telling you
Its time to start believing, oh yes
Believing who you are, you are a shining star


Say it together, naturally
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