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lyrics "Sam & Dave - Soul Man"

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Artist express:Sam
Release year:‎1967

Comin to you on a dusty road
Good lovin, I got a truck load
And when ya get it, huh, ya got some
So dont worry, cause Im comin

Im a soul man, wow
Im a soul man
Im a soul man, woah, heh
Im a soul man
And that aint all, huh

Gots what I got the hard way
And Ill make it better each and every day
So honey, dont you fret, huh
Cause you aint seen uh, nothin yet

Im a soul man, oh road
Im a soul man, play it Steve
Im a soul man, ha
Im a soul man, oh

I was brought up on a side street, yes maam
I learned how to love before I could eat
I was educated from good stock
When I start lovin, oh I cant stop

Im a soul man
Im a soul man
Im a soul man, yeah
Im a soul man, look

Grab a rope and Ill pull you in
Give you hope and be your only boyfriend
Yeah (yeah) yeah (yeah), uh

Im talking about a
Soul man, Im a
Soul man, and you
Soul man, aah
Soul man, hold on
Soul man, Im a
Soul man, and you a
Soul man, and youre a
Soul man, hold on
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