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lyrics "salem ilese – mad at disney"

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[Verse 1]
I'm mad at Disney, Disney
They tricked me, tricked me
Had me wishing on a shooting star
But now I'm twenty something
I still know nothing
About who I am or what I'm not

So call me a pessimist
But I don't believe in it
Finding a true love's kiss is bullshit

'Cause I felt sad love
I felt bad love
Sometimes happy love (Happy love)
Turns into giving up (Giving up)
I felt hurt love
By the word love
What the hell is love supposed to feel like?
What the hell is love? What the hell is love?
What the hell is love supposed to feel like?

[Verse 2]
My fairy grandma warned me
Cinderella's story
Only ended in a bad divorce
The prince ain't sleeping when he
Takes his sleeping beauty
To the motel on his snow white horse
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