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lyrics "Russ - Goodbye"

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Artist express:Russ
Release year:2014

Goodbye, no use leading with our chins
This is where our story ends
Never lovers, ever friends
Goodbye, let our hearts call it a day
But before you walk away
I sincerely want to say
Goodbye, bye, goodbye
Goodbye, bye, goodbye
You told me that I was crazy
Til I pulled up on your man and you
You looked like the devil when you waved at me
Bitch, I got something to say to you
Goodbye, bye, goodbye
Yeah, I cracked my windshield, lucky that I didnt crack you
Bitch, youre a black hole, sucking me in your vacuum
Yeah, I cracked my windshield, lucky that I didnt crack you
And Im feeling drunk in this hotel room trying to ask you
Bout all of your past dudes and why they stay so present
Cause bitch if Im the future, then why they in yo presence?
And if Im the king and you the queen
Then why you acting like a peasant? (Why you acting like a peasant?)
I thought that you were gonna tell all of your exes
Goodbye, bye (Fucked it all up, stupid)
Goodbye (Dont ever fuck with me)
Let me start with Paul, have fun on your farm
While you counting your chickens
And your goats while you getting dogged
Cause you think you love Paola
Cause you went and fucked Paola
But youre just enamored by pussy power
Cause you never really got it
So when she threw it, yeah, you caught it
And I knew it but I bought it and Pauls just your puppy
Better keep him on your leash
Cause the second that he finally gets some more pussy hes gon leave
But round of applause for all the losers like Paul (Thats just one bum you shouldve told)
Goodbye (Stupid), bye (Damn), goodbye
Yeah, let me name these hoes
There was Blake, there was Devon, there was Igor, there was Paul
Then I found out youre a prostitute
So theres more names than I recall
Shouldve listened to the cops, shouldve listened to my pops
Shouldve listened to Bugus, man, why did I not?
Because I, I really loved you
Oh, I, I really loved you
But youre a money hungry ho
Guess what Im saying
You told me that I was crazy
Til I pulled up on your man and you
You looked like the devil when you waved at me
Bitch, I got something to say to you
Goodbye (Know you fucked this up), bye (And Ima call you from the Grammies, too!)
Goodbye (Hopefully you pick up, so I can tell you again)
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