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lyrics "Running Wild - Conquistadores "

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Artist express:Running Wild
Album:Port Royal
Release year:1988

Exploring the seas to conquer new lands
Troops arrayed by the church
Sanctified and blessed they set out
Crusaders, gentiles scourge
They fight, they kill, they rape
Under the banner of the "holy" church
They hunt, they lie, they cheat, they steal
Doing dirty deeds under the churchbells peal
Hungry for gold, doing as the religious madman told
Religions knight, havoc and death caused by pride
Pearls of glass, for ingets of gold
Violence, force and deceit
Taking the wealth or the Indians life
Their way of feeding their greed
Heathen must turn, to Christianity
Its like "believe or die"
Arrogance and blindness, religions force
Believers never ask the reason why.
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