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lyrics "Roxette - Joyride"

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Artist express:Roxette
Release year:1991

Hello, you fool, I love you
Cmon join the joyride
I hit the road out of nowhere
I had to jump in my car
And be a rider in a love game
Following the stars
Dont need a book of wisdom
I get no money talk at all
She has a train going downtown
Shes got a club on the moon
And shes telling all her secrets
In a wonderful balloon
Shes the heart of the funfair
Shes got me whistling a private tune
And it all begins where it ends
And shes all mine, my magic friend
She says, "hello, you fool, I love you
Cmon join the joyride"
Join the joyride
Shes a flower, I could paint her
Shes a child of the sun
Were a part of this together
Could never turn around and run
Dont need no fortune teller
To know where my lucky love belongs, whoa no
Cause it all begins again when it ends, yeah
And were all magic friends (magic friends, magic friends)
She says, "hello, you fool, I love you
Cmon join the joyride"
Join the joyride
She says, "hello (hello), you fool (you fool), I love you (I love you)
Cmon join the joyride"
Be a joyrider, ow
Ill take you on a sky ride
Im feeling like Im spellbound
The sunshine is a lady
Who rocks you like a baby
She says, "hello (hello) you fool (you fool) I love you (I love you)
Cmon join the joyride"
Join the joyride
Hello, you fool, I love you
Cmon join the joyride
Join the joyride
Hello, hello, you fool, I love you
Cmon, cmon join the joyride
Be a joyrider
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