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lyrics "Rodeo Clowns (With G. Love) - Jack Johnson"

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Artist express:G. Love & Special Sauce
Release year:1999

Sweepin the floors, open up the doors
Yeah turn on the lights, getting ready for the night
Nobodys romancing, cause its too early for dancing
But here comes the music
Bright lights flashing
They cover up your lack of so many people
So many problems
So many reason to buy another round
Drink it down
Just another night on the town
With the big man, money man, better then the other man
He got the plan, with the million dollar give a damn
What nobody understands
Become a smaller man, the bright lights keep flashin
Women keep on dancing with the clowns,
Yeah, yeah, yeah,
They pick me up when Im down,
Yeah, yeah,
The rodeo clowns
Yeah, yeah, yeah, they pick me up when Im down
The disco balls spinnin, all the music and the women
And the shots of tequila,
Man they say that they need ya
What they really need, is just a little room to breath
Teeny bopping disco queen
She barely understands her dreams of belly button rings
And other kinds of things
Symbolic of change, but the thing that is strange
Is that the changes occur
And now shes just a part of the herd, yeah, yeah, yeah
Man I thought that you heard
Yeah, yeah
The changes occurred
Yeah, yeah, yeah, just a part of the herd
Lights out, shut down, late night, wet ground
You walk by look at him, but he cant look at you
Yeah, you might feel pity, but he only feels the ground
You understand moves, but he only knows let down
By the corner, theres another one
Reaching out a hand, coming from a broken man
Well he tried to live, but hes done trying
Not dead, but definitely dying
With the rest of the clowns
Yeah, yeah
With the rest of the clowns
Sweepin the floors, open up the doors,
Yeah turn on the lights, getting ready for the night
Nobodys romancing, cause its too early for dancing
But here comes the music
Songwriters: Jack Hody Johnson
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