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lyrics "RINI - Red Lights (feat. Wale)"

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Artist express:RINI
Release year:2021

Driving with my windows down tonight
On my way to you, yeah
I'm rolling while I'm whippin' in this ride
I'll be there real soon
She said don't rush
The night's still young, we can take our time
I just hope that it's enough to make her mine
I just can't wait to get there
I'm catching red lights every time
I stop I lose my patience
Can I make you my lady now?
I want you in my arms now
Keep daydreaming of us dancing on the moon (the moon...)
Forget about everything for now
Focus on me and you
Her name, a star
She lights my world like candles in the night
I just hope it last 'til morning sunrise
I just can't wait to get there
I'm catching red lights every time
I stop I lose my patience
Can I make you my lady now?
Look, what you gon' say? What you gon' do?
What you really lose if she really really lose you?
What you gon' pay? Bet she going through the whole bank account
That she got if she lose you
I don't trust woman, it's the thug in me
Tell the best woman not to really fuck with me
Just lust for me, just mess with me
Just touch me and leave don't talk to me
I get lost in the moment, I be gone in public
So close to the game gave Wall a bucket
Gave Beal a ooh, for my lil' boo
Bel Aire in the fridge got the will to do it
Gotta real, real low profile
Goyard mask know I still don't smile
Do it for the bag for I do it for a bow
Red lights on but it still won't stop
Gone, Folarin
I just can't wait to get there
I'm catching red lights every time
I stop I lose my patience
There's only one thing on my mind
The way you make me feel, yeah
Is something that's so hard to find
This feeling drives me crazy
Can I make you my lady now?
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