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lyrics "Ricky Nelson - Travelin' Man 1961"

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Artist express:Ricky Nelson
Release year:1961

Im a travelin man
and Ive made a lotta stops
all over the world
And in every port
I own the heart of at least one lovely girl

Ive a pretty senorita
waitin for me down in old Mexico
And if youre ever in Alaska
stop and see my cute little Eskimo

Oh my sweet fräulien
down in Berlin town
makes my heart start to yearn
And my China doll
down in old Hong Kong
waits for my return
Pretty Polynesian baby over the sea
I remember the night
When we walked in the sands of Waikiki
and I held you oh so tight

Oh, Im a travelin man
Yes, Im a travelin man
Yes, Im a travelin man
Woe, Im a travelin man
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