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lyrics "Regina Belle - If I Could "

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Artist express:Regina Belle
Release year:1993

Ooh, ooh Ooh
Oh, hoo Yeah, yeah

If I could Id protect you
From the sadness In your eyes
Give you courage
In a world Of compromise
Yes, I would

If I could
I would teach you all the things
Ive never learned
And Id help you cross the bridges
That Ive burned
Yes, I would

If I could
I would try to shield
Your innocence From time
But the part of life
I gave you isnt mine
Ill watch you grow
So I can let you go

If I could
I would help you make it through
The hungry years
But I know that I can never
Cry your tears, babe
But I would if I could

If I could
In a time and place
Where you dont wanna be ahhhh
You dont have to walk along
This road with me
My yesterday wont have to be your way

If I knew
Id try to change the world
I brought you to
Now there Isnt much more
That I can do
But I would If I could

If I could
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