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lyrics "R. Kelly - Fiesta (Remix) ft. Jay-Z, Boo, Gotti "

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Artist express:R. Kelly
Release year:2000

After the show its the after party then
After the party its the hotel lobby and
After the Belve then its probably Cris
And after the original its probably this (fiesta)
Yes ma, Bed-Stuy, fiesta
Remix with the homie from the Midwest side
Game recognize game, hoes do too
Its the new 2 Live Crew, I suppose you knew
So thugs, pop yo toasters, but dont approach us or
Bulletsll chase you like Moet mimosas
Catch us both coasts, racin twin Porsches
Boxes with glocks thatll pop ya to make ya ghost-es
Whoever come closest youve been warned
But niggas dont get the picture til the weapons is drawn
Make your way backstage, baby girl its on
And well be drinkin til six in the mornin
In the back of the club with ma-ma
Poppin bottles of Cris with ma-ma
Put the bar on the tab for ma-ma
Throwin hundreds up for grabs for ma-ma
Cause its about to go down tonight
Im a be drinkin til the early liz-ight (thats right)
Nigga high like a muhfuckin ki-zite
Take three honies just to make me feel ri-zight
My, my, my, my
Its what they all say when they see the frozen ice
They say my, my, my, my
Anytime they see them big things only cause I
While yall gotta club date, Im fuckin wit arenas
Gotcha man sayin "Kelly have you seen her?"
Yeah she wit me on the low
Gettin high off the dro, got her knees on the flo
Fiesta, fiesta, fiesta
Fiesta, fiesta
Fiesta, fiesta
Fiesta, fiesta
Fiesta, fiesta
Fiesta, fiesta
Fiesta, fiesta
Fiesta, fiesta
Switchin lanes in my Six, in the burbs
I met a broad named Tasha, in the burbs
Took the hood then I moved it, to the burbs
Now no more sheriffs or polices, in the burbs (thats right)
And we about to tear this club up
Dont worry bout expenses cause I got that sho nough
Ready to BOO like Im fresh outta jizzail
I need some WOO from all the honeys on the DL
I said my, my, my, my (yeah)
Its what them thugs yellin when the strippers on fizzles
They say my, my, my, my (yeah)
Got Kisha yellin from that up and down sizzle
While yall gotta club date, Im fuckin wit arenas
Gotcha man sayin "Kelly have you seen her?"
Yeah she wit me on the low
Gettin high off the dro, got her knees on the flo
I put the big body up, come through in a Rover
Not only Kelly and Gotti, its Boo and Hova
Pop Cris if you like, my ice glist in the light
Im wit Roc-Land right, so Im rich for life
Im like Heaven, everybody wanna get to me
How you make it to the gates and forget the key?
Im the one God chose so you blessed through me
Gotti Floyd getchu higher than that ecstasy
Hey yo I come through stunnin,
Plus Im gettin blunted in the new six-hundred with the big rims on it
We rock rocks thatll light ya shoulders
Gotta lotta hot cars but the drops is colder (ah)
You see V-I-P me, Kelly, Gotti, and Hov
Drinkin Cris like its H-2-O
All we do is spend cheese cause we love the dough
Mami roll more trees before its time to go
If you got cash money then you feel this shit
And if you rollin on them things then you feel this shit
If you drunk off in the club then you feel this shit
If youse a motherfuckin thug then you feel this shit
If you smokin on some dro then you feel this shit
And if you off that ecstasy you gots to feel this shit
If you sippin on some Cris you gots to feel this shit
And if you throwin up and shit, you gots to feel this shit
Fiesta, fiesta
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