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lyrics "Queen - Hammer To Fall"

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Artist express:Queen
Release year:1984

Here we stand or here we fall
History won't care at all
Make the bed, light the light
Lady Mercy won't be home tonight
You don't waste no time at all
Don't hear the bell but you answer the call
It comes to you as to us all
Yeah, we're just waiting for the hammer to fall, yeah
Oh every night, and every day
A little piece of you is falling away
But lift your face the Western way
Build your muscles as your body decays, yeah
Tow the line and play their game
Yeah, let the anesthetic cover it all
'Til one day they call your name
You know it's time for the hammer to fall
Rich or poor or famous
For your truth it's all the same
(Oh no, oh no)
Oh, lock your door but rain is pouring
Through your window pane
(Oh no)
Hey yeah, baby, now your struggle's all in vain, yeah
For we who grew up tall and proud
In the shadow of the Mushroom Cloud
Convinced our voices can't be heard
We just wanna scream it louder and louder and louder
What the hell are we fighting for?
Ah, just surrender and it won't hurt at all
You just got time to say your prayers
Yeah, while you're waiting for the hammer to, hammer to fall
Hey, yes
Let's get on the floor, yeah
You know
Hammer to fall
Hey, woo hoo
Ha ha, ha ha
I've been waiting for the hammer to fall
Give it to me one more time
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