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lyrics "Portal - Making Science"

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Artist express:Portal
Release year:2020

Making science! Making science!
Is so fine!
She's awake now...
...and won't the subjects be surprised!
She's awake again!
Making science! Making science!
I'll build a turret with a gun...
...we'll shoot at you and make you run!
Oh my god! What have I done!?
It's time for testing!
Making science! Making science!
Cubes and lasers, placed in chambers...
...ready for subjects to solve the tests.
She's awake again!
Sleep mode: OFF
Now here we go...
...with all my tests we're...
...making science now!
I can't believe what's happening to me...
...I'm in control...
...of the facility!
Heheh... hurhur... uhh... that's tiring.
Won't they be impressed: I'm not a moron!
See how I change this peaceful test...
...into something that'll kill this pest!
Hmm... my compliments, from me to you!
Heh... I can't believe you actually made it through!
Now would you just stay there please!?
I'd like to introduce you to...
...huh? Nononono! DO COME BACK!
Fine, no. Don't meet him then...'s 'Mr. Mashy' - the spike plate.
He'd just like to reduce your weight!
Ha... ha... little joke... there...
Sleep Mode: OFF
Now here we go...
...with all our guns...
...we're making science now!
Making science! Making science!
La! La! La!
It's finally here...
...and we can't wait!
So lock and load and take your aim!
'Cos when the subjects start to die...
...we'll all sing out...
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