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lyrics "Phil Collins - That's Just The Way It Is"

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All day long he was fighting for you
And he didn't even know your name
Young men come and young men go
But life goes on just the same
And I don't know why
Why do we keep holding on
I don't know why
Pretending to be oh so strong
Oh why
Is there something I don't know
Or something very wrong, with you and me
Or maybe
That's the way it is, there's nothing I can do,
That's just the way it is.
They've been waiting for word to come down
They've been waiting for you night and day
They won't wait any longer for you
It may already be too late
And I don't know why.
You see the dying, you feel the pain
What have you got to say
If we agree that we can disagree
We could stop all of this today
It's been your life for as long as you can remember
But you cannot fight no more
You must want to look your son in the eyes
When he asks you what you did it for
'Cos all day long he was fighting for you
And he didn't even know your name
Young men come and young men go
But life goes on just the same
I don't know why...
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