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lyrics "Pham - Movements (feat. Yung Fusion)"

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Artist express:Pham, Yung Fusion
Release year:2015

That body's a blessing girl
I ain't tryna pressure her
But she messed with the temperature
Heart wrote the song but I'm the messenger
Through the metropolis
There is no stopping this
Flowers and kisses (Yeah)
I heard you like chocolate
Light up the candles
Tune up this channel
It's the ride of your life girl
My room is Orlando
Bruce G the man though
How much can you handle
I go commando (Oh)
That body so blanco
And I'm bout dive in it
Straight to bottom cause there is no topping this
Pop lock and drop on yo man if you copping it baby
I fall for these tropical ladies
I know that she wavy she naughty
She crazy she got it she got it on all on me
The road is wide open and calling
I flow like a Lambo my boo is a Bugatti
I live life a movie, young opportunist, used to make changes to hang with the coolest
But now I'm the coolest that dude that will do it
That dude who will fuel the movement
Watch as I do this...
I'm good in my lane though
Hand in my hand no letting go
On top of my game yo, on top of my game
I play with an Angel
I'm grateful
Thank you for the things you do and say to keep me faithful
Thank you for the time you take to keep my heart from danger
Funny how one stranger stepped in made up all these changes, for the better
Oo baby yeah I'm grateful
Grateful, ooh baby yeah I'm grateful
I'm grateful, ooh baby yeah I'm grateful
I'm grateful, ooh baby yeah I'm grateful
I'm grateful, ooh baby yeah...
I don't really do this but
Bruce G be the dude to remove the bluff
Fake chic wanna talk like she knew wassup
Every time I step in they say who the what the where the how
Fly nigga smear the ground
My chick 10/10 steer the sound from miles away
Hello felt like a kinda gay
Now Goodbyes feel like a tidal wave
You must be 3 if you ain't the one
'Cause I know three words to replace sun
Oh girl oh girl, you make 'em run
Oh girl oh girl, you make 'em run
You must be 3 if you ain't the one
Cause I know three words to replace sun
Oh girl oh girl, you make 'em run
Oh girl oh girl, you make 'em run
This trust never tripping up
This love ever living up
Never had to flex for you
Get fresh catch a bus just to hit you up
Got me on speed dial
Just press 1 if you really need me now
Press 4 if you miss me
Press 3 and I'll...
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