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lyrics "Pendulum - Witchcraft"

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Artist express:Pendulum
Release year:2010

Its in your eyes, a colour fade out
Looks like a new transition
Its starting up and shaking your ground
Turning your head to see a new day calling
Does it feel like a head to lean on?
A snapshot from where you were born
Im looking for your hand in the rough
Youre caught in the wire
Well, Ill lift you out
Leading on the action
Caught in a cellphones rays
Bleeding on a sofa
Staring at the waistline
Hes coming and she knows it
Even though she knows why
Footsteps in the hallway
Girl, you havent got time
Darkness in the bedroom
Maybe she is resting up
Maybe she was out late
Just come back from the club
I cant hear her breathing
Something doesnt seem right
Killer in the hallway
Were living on a set time
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