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lyrics "peachy! • falling for you (ft. mxmtoon)"

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Artist express:mxmtoon, Peachy!
Release year:2017

I was hangin' with you and then I realized
I didn't think it was true, I was surprised
When I found out I've fallen for you
I didn't wanna believe my feelings for you
I didn't wanna believe that I could lose you
If I told you just how I felt
But I can't help it
I'm falling for you
And I can't quit it
'Cause I'm stuck on you
And it might be pathetic and you might be skeptical
But I just want to be with you
Please tell me, boy
Can you get a clue?
Or come through 'cause I just want to be with you
I'm scared
Of telling you how I feel
Maybe it's better if I just try to conceal the truth
For me and, for you
But I'm still stuck on you, ooh, ooh
I, I'm still falling for you
For you
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