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lyrics "Outlandish - Callin U"

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Artist express:Outlandish
Release year:2009

yo elmoro?s back
we still in here
I can?t believe we?re bout to do this again
u ready?
blaze it up, blaze it up for all my moros out there
Im callin? u
with all my goals my very soul, it fallin? through
in need of u
to trust in my faith, my tears and my ways is drownin? so
I can not always show it but don?t doubt my love
Im callin? u
with all my time and all my fights in search for truth
tryin? to reach u
see the worth of my sweat, my house, my bed
lost in sleep
will not be false in who I am as long as I breathe
I don?t need no body
I don?t fear no body
I don?t call no body but you
my one and only
all I need in my life?
Im callin? u
with all my joy and all my love is feelin? good
cuz its due to u
see the time of my life, my days and my nights
so its aright
at the end of the day I still got enough on me and my
Im callin u
all my keys and my biz went so so smoothe
Im thaking u
see the house in my life, my patience my wife
with all that I know
take no more than I deserve still need to learn more
our relationship so complex
found u when I was heading straight for hell and quest
u have no one to compare too
cuz when I lie to myself it aint hittin? from u
I guess im thankful
word on the street is ur changin me, it shows in my behaviour
past, present, future
lay it all out
found my call in your house.
let the whole world know what this love is about
Lenny: (in spanish)
posted by tarahumara
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