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lyrics "Only Ye - Tyga , Kanye West"

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Artist express:Tyga
Genre:Hip hop
Release year:2019

Verse 1: Tyga
Ima make you love me, yeah, Im your only hope
Listen to your momma, have a baby, he got dough
Dont go creepin if ya got a iPhone
She tracked ya location and ya ass wasnt home
Yeah, I told the bitch like I told Nike: Yeezys on yo ass
Told that nigga get from and from my car
My Yeezys on the gas
And last thing I need is involuntary manslaughter
Cause I aint finna let no lame nigga raise my daughter
Stop asking me that dumb shit; do you have a Samsung charger?
You see me spending that Gualla
We stay spending that Gualla til you love me
Thirsty bitch, keep sippin that water till you love me
Do you love me?
I got caught up with the strippers, I got caught up in the fame
Caught up on MediaTakeOut
Dont know how much more I could take
I got caught up in the pictures, they blurry enough I could fake
I can tell my girl it wasnt me, I was in a meeting with Jay

Bridge: Tyga
But today, I dont have any plans
Rap God in a minivan
Usher say I got it bad, yo, really bad
Does anybody have any Xans?

Verse 2: Tyga
Cause you dont know these rich-nigga problems
You niggas got bitch-nigga problems
Too many hoes on my dick; yeah, I got big dick nigga problems
If she hack my phone, thats dick pic nigga problems
Thats when she ask, "Who the fuck is Tonya?"
Nigga, you must be fucking Tonya
Sometimes I do shit to prove I dont need nothin from em
Sometimes I make em hate me just to prove I can make em love me again
I could make you love me again
Ill make yall love me
I feel like a new artist up in this bitch
Like Im really starving up in this bitch
If you dont wanna hear my mouth, dont get me started up in this bitch
Every time I throw up my diamond, see its flawless up in this bitch
Screaming south-southside, goin retarded up in this bitch
CT4 up in this bitch
Yeah, see Yeezus back on his shit
They say damn Ye, please come back
We need more of the platinum hits
Bitch my new ? killed that Timbaland
My niggas dont remember them
Im the dark chocolate Eminem
Ima make you love me

Verse 3: Kanye West
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