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lyrics "Oh My God - Luke Sital-Singh"

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Artist express:Luke Sital-Singh
Release year:2017

Its hard to be myself anymore,
Now Ive changed.

Talking to you for hours and hours,
I never noticed you were gone.

The dust is thick on our bed frame,
The air is staying with the silence.

Your knowing smile, your knowing smile
Its been a while.

Tell me why, is it so hard to see you standing right in front of me? Can I hold you up with all my love?

(Oh my love) This mess were making-

Oh my God were we mistaken? Oh my love, is your heart bracing? Oh my God! I wont stop chasing you!

If we wanna try again, everyone will know that we failed.
Maybe we hide, and hide and hide until they notice were gone.

This room has changed, your skin is pale.
The spark has left us lonely.

Why is it so hard to say, I honestly dont know the way?
But I could hold you up with all my love!

(Oh my love) This mess were making-

Oh my God were we mistaken? Oh my love, is your heart bracing? Oh my God! I wont stop chasing you!

Fire, Ashes, Loves and Clashes - I wont forget you, oh my love!
Oh my God! Oh my Love!

Oh my love this mess were making! Oh my God Im standing naked! Oh my God I just cant make it! Oh my love, is your heart bracing? Oh my God! I wont stop chasing you!

Its hard to be myself, anymore - now Ive changed.
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