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lyrics "Notice Me - David Archuleta "

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Artist express:David Archuleta
Release year:2013

Verse 1:
I try to find the words when you walk by
But words just cant explain the way I feel, inside
My friends keep saying youre untouchable
And I cant help feeling invisible

Id give anything to catch your eye
So you could see me in a different light
Tell me whats it gonna take, cuz I
Wish you would notice me
If youd only give me just one chance
I could be the one, here I am
Whats it gonna take to understand
Wish you would notice me
Notice, notice, notice me 2x

Verse 2:
Youve got a light that never seems to fade
Im drawn to you and I cant look away
We come from different places, girl I know
But two worlds colliding could be beautiful

Repeat Chorus

I wonder if you know how amazing you are
You leave me breathless
You didnt even try but you stole my heart
And I dont want it back

Repeat Chorus
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