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lyrics "Norah Jones - Until The End"

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Artist express:Norah Jones
Release year:2007

Youve got a famous last name
But youre not to blame
Baby, I see you for who you are
A one-time apple queen
And a one-time tramp
And an old-time movie star
Youre a shell picker of the pickiest kind
But you always find the ones to keep
And in or out of bed
You keep your head wide open
Cause you dont only dream when youre asleep
Like a child, you remember
But I forget all my dreams
I used to think that someday Id relax a little
And be more like you
Then I realized how silly that thought was
I needed to stand in my own shoes
And from over here, I can see you cry
Dont even try to pretend
Cause hes hurt you so many times
Baby, dont go back again
Like a child, you forget
But I remember everything and every sting
And through all the games well both stay the same
As weve always been through the fat and the thin
Until the end
Until the end, oh
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