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lyrics "NLE Choppa - Shotta Flow "

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Artist express:NLE Choppa
Release year:2020

I wish everything I touch would turn to gold
NLE, you heard me
Baby Mexico Choppa man, top shotta
Baby Mexico shotta
We finna talk our shit, you heard me
Why not? Yeah
Yeah, yeah
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
I am a menace, keep me a rack just like tennis
Im with the shit like Im Dennis
I started this shit Ima finish
Niggas be hatin, tryna blemish my image
Who want the smoke? .223 came with the scope
Extended clip long as a rope
We wipe his nose, just like he had him a cold
I knew that boy was a hoe
Pull up with the gang, you know that we bangin
What is your set, nigga? What is you claimin?
I am a beast, you cannot tame it
Dont point the finger, this shit can get dangerous
These niggas hatin, these niggas plottin
Ooh, he got money Im runnin his wallet
You say you a killer, lil nigga stop it
In a shoot out your gun was droppin
You really a fraud
You cannot stomp on his yard
My nigga they scammin, they swipin them cards
I am so high that Im talking to stars
Im gone off them jiggas, Im poppin them bars
Dont mind my pimpin, bitch, dont sweat me
Choppa got a kick, call that shit Jet Li
Sauce gang drip though, what is your recipe?
Dont get a F if a nigga try to testin me
Whole lotta money, whole lotta guala
Hit the party fifty deep, nun but my shotta
Nigga tried me so you know I had to pop him
So many bullets it confused the doctor
Whole lotta racks, whole lotta stacks
Fuck a headshot, Ima shoot him in the back
3.5 rolled up in the cack
We dont smoke Reggie, this shit called gas
Im sticked up, like a blind man
Im super hot, like a frying pan
He said that he gon take some from me
Ayy, just know, he lyin man
Ima up from my hip then blow like a whistle
Your bitch suckin dick like a Kool-Aid pickle
Two bullets in your chest, thats a nipple
And if a nigga run up Ima pop him like a pimple
Get rich or die tryin, Im feelin like 50
Brand new choppa got double d titties
Niggas dont play me I dont get silly
Love all the beef like a southwest Philly, yeah
Yeah, love all the beef like a southwest deli, yeah
Ayy, bitch, love all the beef like a southwest deli
I might just OD, Percs killin me slowly
Feelin like Im Kobe, cant ner nigga hol me
If he wanna run up on me, shoot em like Ginobili
And Im with the shit lil homie, yeah, like Im Toby, yeah
And Im with the shit lil homie, yeah, like Im Toby, yeah
Finna ad-lib, keep all that
(Like a school shooter, like Im Toby, yeah)
Keep all that Tay, yeah (Huh, huh)
(This shit straight drop, lil nigga, no cut)
Ayy Tay, keep all that
(Straight drop, lil nigga, no cut)
Keep all that, yeah, yeah
(Up from my hip, yeah)
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