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lyrics "Nightcore - Smoke and Mirrors"

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Artist express:Nightcore
Release year:2015

I never meant to call you out.
Ive always seen behind your smoke and mirrors
Oh, sweetheart, please dont yell at me,
It really isnt hard to see, the truth thats rotting underneath.

Why werent you honest from the start?
You know, Ive always thought she must have liked you.
Shes just a temptress, dont you know?
Shell say she loves you, even though,
she only wants to steal your soul.

Ill save you.

You said youd always be my friend.
That wed get married when we both got older,
Id never heard those words before,
You made me long for something more,
but then she tried to steal your love.

Whats with that look?
Do you really think Im out of line tonight?
Stop calling her name,
If you play my game,
She may just make it out alive.

I love you.

Im not, asking much,
just give me your heart,
and put no one else above me,
Go on, just say you love me,

Take my hand in yours and tell me that Ill
always be the one,
Without you, my life means nothing,
So just say you love me tonight,

And if you lie,
This poor girl will have to die...

Im sorry that I lost my cool.
As you can see here, Ive been very busy.
I found her number in your phone,
Asked her to meet me here alone,
so we could talk, just one on one.

Whats with that look?
Do you really think Im taking this too far?
Boy, All you have to do, is swear that youll be true,
and I will let her go right now. ~

Just dont lie.

No, I wont fall for this again
Ill always see behind your smoke and mirrors.
I know you love me deep inside,
Your simply caught up in her lie,
So I will *** you free myself.

Im not, asking much,
just give me your heart,
and put no one else above me,
Please, just say you love me,

Take my hands in yours and tell me that Ill
always be the one,
Without you, my life means nothing,
So just say you love me!

Cmon, whats the problem?
Quit your crying, be a man,
Surely, she couldnt mean THAT much,
Let me give you my love,

Take my soul, my heart and body,
Yes, I give it all to you,
And if you still wont accept it,
Youre gonna regret it,

I hate to play these games,
but youre driving me insane,
Wont you tell me that youll stay,
Now that shes not in the way!
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