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lyrics "Nicki Minaj - Bust Down Barbiana"

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Artist express:Nicki Minaj
Release year:2019

Bust down, Barbiana, bust down, Barbiana
Bust down and pick that shit up
Bust down and pick that shit up
Bust it open and pick that shit up
Bust it open and pick that shit up
Uh, ayo, I been a bad bitch, cockiana (Cockiana)
And Im still winnin, Pacquiana (Pacquiana)
Percocets, popiana, killin everybody beat
Thank you next, Ariana (Ariana)
You gon have to give me topiana (Topiana)
If you tryna get some sloppiana (Sloppiana)
I call my opps Oppiana (Oppiana)
Then shut down Yves Saint, Lauriana (Lauriana)
I dont want you on my page, blockiana (Blockiana)
Flow tailor made, like Teyana (Like Teyana)
They copyin my style, copiana
Roger that, over copiana
Benihana to Katana, bitch, I been a Donna
He screamin "My government, " O-Onika Tanya
You look like Nicki now, still you tacky-ana
To keep it 100, bitch you wacky-ana
In the hood like Kiana, or a Tatiana
Immigrant from Trinidad, rep Americana
Im bout to shut it down at Met Galiana
You peanut head bitches is always jellyana
Im bout to get a ring in my bellyana
Tattoo my man name, then give him some Beckiana (Beckiana)
85, comma, plus three zeros (Three zeros)
Plus another comma plus three zeros (Three zeros)
Then add a dot (Dot)
Bop a dot dot, bop a dot dot doh
Been at the top
Before this song came out, bitch you been a thot (Been a thot)
Bust down, Barbiana, bust down, Barbiana (Barbiana)
Then back that shit up (That shit up)
On the gang, then back that shit up (That shit up)
On the mags, then back that shit up (That shit up)
Bust down, Barbiana, bust down (Bust down)
Then pick that shit up (That shit up)
On the gang, Barbiana (Barbiana)
Bust down, bust down, Barbiana (Barbiana)
Bust down and pick that shit up
Bust down and pick that shit up
Bust it open and pick that shit up
Bust it open and pick that shit up
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