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lyrics "Nick Cannon - “Pray For Him” (Eminem Diss) feat. The Black Squad "

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Artist express:JAY-Z
Release year:2019

[Intro: Nick Cannon]
We still waitin'
Now we gotta pray for him (Haha)
(It's incredible)

[Verse 1: Charlie Clips]
Lord, forgive us I know that it's kinda wrong
For five brothers this talented to be on one song (Facts)
But that white boy, he is nice (He is)
But he crossed the black man, Lord Jesus Christ (He gotta go)
We gon' pray for him (Uh), and move Hailie out the way when we spray cans
We don't shoot kids and women (Nah), we shootin' amen (Amen)
Look, that double entendre kinda heavenly (It was)
Damn, Em', what you like five minutes away from seventy? (Oh man, hah)
Oops, I meant forty-seven (Ah)
Send him to Hell if he bored of Heaven (Bored of Heaven)
Strappin' the dynamite, word to Florida Evans (Good times)
I get to grippin' the Glock, he better call a reverend (Raah)
And give Eminem falls and knock him out his Jordan 7's (Woo)
Oh, you got your own sneakers? That's okay (That's wassup)
Well, to let you know, them Wild'n Out Jordans is on the way (Facts)
Nah, I ain't do this verse for the fame or the clout (Not at all)
I did this verse to say keep my brother name out your mouth (Ah, incredible)

[Verse 2: Hitman Holla]
I mean at this point it's bullyin', 'cause I know he ain't gon' clap back
So I don't be dealin' with these rap cats
I'm the best and that's that
Put that on everything, and my CashApp
A bunch of red rags and black 'Lacs
Incredible, they catch me with this, I'm goin' federal
I've been a star, your favorite actress wanna get sexual
You've been afraid, Em', this ain't that renegade, Em
Where you ain't perc’d up, you sweeter than lemonade, Em'
Black Squad, you won't link with them
See, you tried to bully P!nk and them
Britney Spears and N*SYNC and them
And got the beefin' with Ja Rule with the cops behind you
And every show since '04, you've had the SWAT behind you
Man, y'all find a all-time great in a small town lake
I hawk 'em down with the K
Don't you got a cash flow? What the fuck you mad for?
Subtract you, add a casket, that's the aftermath, ho, Holla
[Verse 3: Conceited]
Hi Slim, let's kill it with all the chit-chat
Eminem, but you get the sticks, now that's a Kit Kat (Kat)
So, wait, dammit, you mad that you ain't Cannon
All them pills, you stay crammin' still givin' you brain damage (B-B-Brain damage)
Your guilty conscience told you, you was the man and all
But now you just a circus act, 'cause you stay up on cannonballs (Balls)
You always hide in your trailer, we know you big mad (Mad)
Get your bitch to run in our lap like this is gym class (Woo)
'Cause all my niggas just stand up like Sinbad
Big Mac in the cans that get rid of slim fast (Blah)
Instead of stayin' in the booth to get your rhymin' out
It's season 15, here's your invite to Wild'n Out

[Verse 4: Prince Eazy]
Ain't no backdoorin', 'cause all of my troops thurl (Thorough)
Ain't got no bitch, Glock Nina, my new girl (On foenem)
I'm sick of all my homies keep dyin', might puke Earl (Eugh)
God should've took Em' and just let us keep Juice WRLD
Look, Nick, my brother, you dissed him, that gotta suffer
I told him, "Don't diss you back, let us handle this motherfucker"
Look, I scratched the serial number up off the baby llama
Em' ain't seen a ratchet this dirty since his baby-mama

[Interlude: Nick Cannon]
Goddamn, y'all niggas ain't had to do him like that
Shit, we don't do it, we over-do it
You play fucked up games, win fucked up prizes
All this cocaine out here, and you wanna put your nose in my business
Told you, I ain't had to rap on this motherfucker
You know what? I'm not gon' rap
I'ma just do what you did, haha
[Verse 5: Nick Cannon]
You used to be in a position to talk to kids and they listen
Now you a politician? You voted for Trump, bitch, admit it (Ha)
They used to call you a menace and that shoe fit you wore (Not no more)
But now you gettin' facelifts like a Instagram-whore (Yoy bitch)
Used to be the king of the rude, ludicrous, lucrative lyrics
Now all you do is just growl
Like you got Tourettes and hysterics
Maybe it's your mommy issues (Haha)
Maybe your white devilish spirit (You the devil)
He made the original music that your fans used to cherish
Now you're debated, disputed, hated
And viewed in America as a motherfuckin' drug addict (Bitch)
You'll never be a legend (Marshall)
Em', you should really start to stare at who's in the mirror
Look at all the fuckin' botox, bitch, I know you're embarrassed (Hahaha)
Fuck all the tricks and the gimmicks
You like the new white supremacist
Say the same fuckin' sentences
Nigga, you ain't no lyricist
Lam, blam, flam, flam, take Xans and Trans-Ams
I bet you never thought the kill shot will come from the cannon, blaow

[Outro: Nick Cannon & Eminem]
You used to be a renegade
I had no idea Nick Cannon was gonna start wildin' out on me, wildin' out on me
It's incredible
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