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lyrics "Never Coming Home | feat. Christina Rotondo"

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Artist express:Shirazee
Release year:2019

She's the robot i wanted to see,
a pretty metal lady they called Baby
Father said no but i found a way~
how could i have knowen that she would take me...
Un~derground~to the circus~,was it worth it?~
Then you~came down~you're in my world now~...
Stuck~ in a metal body~y~cold~ like a scoop of ICE CREAM~
OH~I JUST WANTED SEE HER! I DIDN'T WANT TO BE HER! now she is the tomb that holds my soul!
be carefull what you wish for cause baby you might get more! i'm just like you, i'm never coming home~! i'm never coming home!
Now i'm Baby and she is me, here in prison by my own creator~ desperate I was planning my escape~ That's when you came down~ Un~derground~to the circus from the surface~There~ is no doubt! You are my way out!!! I JUST WANTED TO SEE HER! I DIDN'T WANNA BE HER HER! Now she is the tomb that holds my soul! be carefull what you wish for cause baby you might get more!! i''m just like you i'm never coming home! i'm never coming home!.........I'm never coming home!~oh-woah~! oh-woah~!never coming home!!~i'm never coming home~oh-woah~!~oh-woah~! never coming home!!! I'm Circus Baby~...A metal lady~a girl that's time for gods~too many times burnt~and now it's you're turn~To feel the electric shock!!!!!!!! I JUST WANTED TO SEE HER! I DIDN'T WANNA BE HER!! Now she is the tomb that holds my soul!! be carefull what you wish for! Cause baby you might get more! Just like you i'm never coming home! I'm never coming home!.......I'm never coming home!!!~oh-woah~oh-woah~Never coming home~..i'm never coming home oh-woah oh-woah~I'M NEVER COMING HOME!
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