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lyrics "NEFFEX - When I Was Young"

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Artist express:NEFFEX
Release year:2019

Ive been looking all around
Tryna figure out what the hell really counts
When everything feels like its fillin up with doubt
Thoughts heading south
And no one can hear me shout
And the voices in my head so loud
Calm before the storm like a Seattle cloud
The sky so gray trna figure it out
Why Im so down in this sunlight drought
Yeah memories coming back to me
Of a simpler time when I was young and free
Playing games with the kids that lived next to me
Didnt care about time or anything, yeah
But things changed, turned 23
Had to figure out what the hell was next for me
Do I do the safe thing something guaranteed?
Or do I do what I love till my fingers bleed?
Itll all be okay
Figure out my own way
But for now here I lay
And remember a day
When I was young
When I was young
Smoke stacks cause its cold outside
Fire burning from the other night
I can smell the coals in my soul it
Makes me feel something deep inside
Memories of a better life
Memories where I felt alive
In these times you can choose to survive
In these times you can choose to thrive
And I wanna make somethin, take somethin
Take control of my life and display somethin
Show the world what I love and go play something
Show the world what I love on a stage strumming
And I wanna make yall feel the same
And I wanna take away all the pain
At least for a minute while I play
I wanna make you feel okay
Itll all be okay
Figure out my own way
But for now here I lay
And remember a day
When I was young
When I was young, yeah
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