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lyrics "NEFFEX - Pro"

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Artist express:NEFFEX
Release year:2017

Yea i dont know where she came from
But god damn i wanna say something
She a dime wanna make her mine
Heard through the grape vine she a great time
Yea it should be a god damn crime
To look that damn fine
Gotta lock her up and throw away the key
Or you could lock her up and give the key to me
She likes to take it down low
Down low
Drop it down to the ground floor
The ground floor
I just wanna go and explore
OOO baby i just wanna more
I want more
Got a body like a rock star
A rock star
Yea that shit is looking rock hard
Yea rock hard
I would put her on the roster
Cuz she keeps on getting hotter
And hotter
Ooo baby
She doesnt take it slow
Shes putting on a show
Shes acting like a pro
Ooo baby lets go
Ooo she look straight from the city
Ooo man she look so pretty
God damn id like to get busy
Yea baby girl come with me
Yea we take it outside oh
Yea wanna stay up all night oh
Yea wanna get it all right oh
Yea now she wanna slip and slide oh
She got a fine ass body
With her head on straight
And she look a little naughty
But thats OK
Now i wanna get a drink
Just you and me
I dont really wanna think
I just wanna be
She giving 3rd degree burns
Man i think i need a doctor
Got me concerned
Cuz she got me hot and bothered
Everything she earned
Didnt get it from her father
Man i think id learn
But she turns me to a monster
She doesnt take it slow
Shes putting on a show
Shes acting like a pro
Ooo baby lets go
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