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lyrics "NEFFEX - Life "

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Artist express:NEFFEX
Release year:2017

I️ aint the first
With the curse
With the thirst
That I️ wanna be better not worse man it hurts
Im on this earth with my words
And I️ put em all together insert
Cuz I️ wanna have worth
Workin hella hard till they put me in the dirt
Gonna go far man listen to my words
Gonna be a star man lifes like a blur
When your working this hard yea you get what you deserve
Yea! I️ aint takin a back seat
Im passing
Anybody else who is rapping
Im nasty
Aint nobody able to catch me
They gasping
They can not compare they cant match me
Im at half speed
I️ got your girl she laughing
And dancing hanging on my what?
She asking to crash with me
Smash with me
She savagely
Wants cash money
And she knows that I️ live lavishly, uh
I wanna live
Im cold inside
Give all I have
Just to feel alive
I fight to live
I fight to strive
One day Ill have
What I want in life
I want the whole world in the palm of my hand
I got a plan
Im the man
Now Im teaching the game a veteran
Better than
Anybody else who test me
Im ready
Lookin at my hand and its steady
Im trending
And blending
Lyrical bending
Now Im spreading and getting
My name out now
Yea! they hearing me loud
All the crowds
Repping the sound
Im hittin the ground
Up and coming
Aint nothing yea!
Rookie of the year Ima keep it 100
Cold blooded
No budget
(From nothing) to something
Na I aint bluffing
I got a full hand
And a full plan
I aint gonna stop till Im at the top man
Every single drop got me feeling awesome
Im about to pop started from the bottom yea!
I wanna live
Im cold inside
Give all I have
Just to feel alive
I fight to live
I fight to strive
One day Ill have
What I want in life
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