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lyrics "NEFFEX - Comeback "

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Artist express:Neffex
Release year:2018

I keep on working, got purpose and worth
Music's my cure and this world is my purse
Get rid of this curse, with every verse
Of course, I've been hurt, but some have it much worse
Leave me alone, get out of my head
Block out the opinions until I am dead
They all go to speak but should listen instead
Listen some more and you'll seize to regret
I keep on working, I got it on track
You gonna see my name up on a flag
I sail this ship and I'll never comeback
I keep this bitch on a line to attack
Never look back, I make a racket like crash
Top of my bracket I smash
Hunt like a pack, I'm 'bout to stack it like cash
It's gonna happen so fast

I have never changed myself
I've always stayed the same, no doubt
I've always played the game all out
And I am here to stay right now
So don't call it a comeback

I ain't running, here to stay
Steady gunning, do my thing
I don't look the other way
I stare that motherfucker straight, uh
Don't care what they say, no
Everyone's the same
Don't get caught up in their games
Just pick a lane and do your thing, yo
I don't just wanna be great, I'll be the best
Make everybody forget all the rest
Man, I feel blessed, bullet proof vest
Over my chest, for the haters requests
I'll be okay, I picked my lane
I'ma stick to it like whores to the fame
This is the game that we all play
And I'm gonna win, get the fuck out my way

I have never changed myself
I've always stayed the same, no doubt
I've always played the game all out
And I am here to stay right now
So don't call it a comeback
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