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lyrics "NEFFEX - Cold ❄️[Copyright Free] "

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Artist express:NEFFEX
Release year:2018

it’s so cold outside
I’m alone I’m alright

everybody knows that I’m breaking down
everybody knows I ain’t faking now
everybody knows my hearts vacant now
yea she hates me now I made mistakes but now
I don’t ever wanna be alone
I don’t really ever feel at home
on my own
in the zone
that’s the only way I know feeling low bought to blow back up! here I go!

I won’t ever let the doubt creep in
gotta pop a couple more aspirin
I don’t think I’ll ever let you in
easier to break it off as friends
I don’t really understand myself
I don’t really understand need help
I don’t wanna be left on the shelf
couldn’t even hear me if I yelled

Its so cold outside
I’m alone I’m alright

I don’t wanna break down
always feel like I could break now
but I never let it take me to that place now
I won’t ever let my thoughts get away now
I got better things to do picking fate now
I just wanna be the best call me great now
I don’t know if I’m ok or insane now
I remember better days on the playground
hoping I can find my way to a better place now

even when Im feeling down I fight
even when I don’t know what is right
ima pick a side and ima take pride
I will decide my fate and I
will never let them tell me who I am
if you try to shape me I’ll be damned
planted on the ground is where I stand
never give up that was always the plan

Its so cold outside
I’m alone I’m alright
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